Care Instructions

 All plated pieces are finished using micron electroplating.  Do not scratch, polish, or clean plated jewelry with chemicals.  To remove stains you may wipe gently with a soft damp cloth.  All stones are custom cut using AAA quality.  Each gemstone's color and pattern may vary due to its natural properties.  Your piece will bear individual characteristics and although equally as beautiful and unique, will vary slightly from the photograph.  We are regrettably not able to exchange for a different piece based on the characteristics of gemstones.  If you are concerned about this variance, please contact your closest stockist to choose for yourself in store.  High impact on the stones may cause cracking and chipping.  Please avoid slamming and dropping of the stones.

Do not swim, bathe, or shower with your jewelry and avoid unnecessary exposure to heat and moisture where possible.  Perfume and cosmetics can cause metal surfaces to become dull and oxidized, please apply prior to wearing jewelry.  Please store all pieces properly in the original pouch and box to prevent scratches and oxidation.

Metal will tarnish naturally over time and can be cleaned easily with white vinegar.  Simply apply a small amount of white vinegar with a Q-tip over the metal to remove tarnish.  Be sure to rinse the excess white vinegar off and dry completely with a soft towel before wear and storage.  Avoid any contact with chlorine as it may damage and discolor the pieces.  Tarnish is also accelerated in a humid environment.  Oily salts from fingers can also tarnish metal.  Powder coating can wear off through daily usage and will age well with character.  We do no offer repairs for this finish.

Avoid bending and reshaping all the pieces.  This may cause permanent damage to the plating and the original design.  All of the pieces are handmade and are delicate in nature.  Please treat them with care to improve their longevity.